Service Alert - 07 January 2021

APC Postal Logistics and COVID-19

APC continues to track the COVID-19 situation and its impact to shipping. Please ensure you are checking the country-specific restrictions as it is updated daily. Our “Service Alerts” are always posted on our website at APC - Service Alert

APC continues to work hard at minimizing the impact to you. We do anticipate possible delivery delays due to air uplift, cancellations, closures and other factors due to the crisis but we continue to operate, process and export mail and parcels at all our facilities.

As a company, our staff is maintaining all suggested precautionary guidelines. We are available and prepared to assist.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this uncertain time.


Dear customer,

Please note that due to significant spikes in COVID in the UK, many countries have banned flights from the UK to enter their border. Specifically, the UK/France border which is the major gateway to the EU from the UK has been shut down for 48 hours. The two governments are working very closely together and are confident they will have a plan to unblock the flow of trade within the 48 hour window. Notwithstanding the lift of the border closure, this will still cause delays in the delivery of packages to both the UK and the EU. We do apologize for any inconvenience these delays may cause but ask for patience as the backlogs clear up.

You may find more information on this fluid situation here:

BBC UK - Covid-19: More than 40 countries ban UK arrivals
sky news - COVID news live – latest UK updates


APC Postal Logistics

**Canada - Holiday Volumes**

Due to unprecedented holiday volumes, all facilities in Canada are experiencing processing delays.

Please note that your package(s) will experience a delay in final delivery.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue to keep you updated.

**Saudi Arabia - Suspended Flights**

Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended all international passenger flights for citizens and residents over fears about the fast-spreading new variant of the coronavirus.

Please expect delays.

You can find more information here: MarketWatch - AP - Saudi Arabia flights

**Israel - COVID-19 Restrictions**

Israel Postal Company has advised that, owing to the increasing number of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Israel and the country’s health authorities have declared a general lockdown for the whole country from December 27, 2020 until January 11, 2021 or a later date.

Postal services will continue to function with restrictions and items normally requiring the addressee’s signature upon delivery will continue to be handed over without signature. These measures will affect the processing and delivery of all types of services, including outbound and inbound letter post, parcel post and EMS, with an impact on quality of service.

As a result, the previously announced restrictions regarding service standards and force majeure remain in place.

**Thailand - COVID-19 Restrictions**

Thailand Post has advised that, in response to the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Thai Government has declared special measures, placing areas in one of four categories depending on the level of severity.

Samut Sakhon province has been locked down and declared a maximum control zone. Accessibility to affected areas is limited, and delays are to be expected in handling and delivery processes for all types of international postal services (letter post, parcel post and EMS), especially in Samut Sakhon (delivery office codes 74XXX). Signature upon delivery may also be suspended.

Thailand Post is therefore unable to guarantee quality standards for any category of inbound and outbound mail until further notice.

**Mainland Europe - Holiday Volumes**

Due to unprecedented holiday volumes, all countries in Mainland Europe are experiencing processing delays.

Postal authorities are estimating an additional 2 to 3 days in processing.

Please note that your package(s) will experience a delay in final delivery.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue to keep you updated.

Country Specific Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Due to restrictions imposed by governments and/or carriers due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please do not send any shipments to the following countries until further notice:

The USPS recently reported that a handful of countries have service delays due to COVID-19 related impacts:

  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Latvia
  • Mexico
  • Sri Lanka
  • Greece

Mail is still being accepted to these countries but service could be impacted at destination.

Service has been RESTORED to the following countries:

Due to the current backlog of items on hold, please allow additional processing time for these countries.

08 JANUARY 2021:


18 DECEMBER 2020


11 DECEMBER 2020


04 DECEMBER 2020


13 NOVEMBER 2020:

  • LAOS

30 OCTOBER 2020:


25 OCTOBER 2020:


16 OCTOBER 2020:

  • IRAQ

Restored Countries

*The transportation restriction to these countries has been reinstated. Please hold these items to these countries.

Country Restrictions

These countries currently have restrictions:


No USPS services currently available. The following services are available:

  • Priority International
  • Standard International
  • parcelConnect Expedited DDP & DDU
  • parcelConnect Priority DDP w/ Delcon
  • parcelConnect Priority DDU w/ Delcon
  • parcelConnect Priority DDP
  • parcelConnect Priority DDU
  • parcelConnect Standard DDU

Note: Customers should expect significant delays in all international inbound and outbound mail services to/from these countries.

OE – Office of Exchange

This transportation alternative will be used for the following mail classes; Priority Mail Express International® (PMEI), Priority Mail International® (PMI), First-Class Mail International® (FCMI), First-Class Package International Service® (FCPIS®), International Priority Airmail® (IPA®), International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®), and M-Bag® items.

The Postal Service is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to update customers until the situation returns to normal.

Customers should expect delays to all counties where mail and parcels are being accepted for delivery.

Greece Lock Down Extended

Hellenic Post (ELTA) has advised that the lockdown has been extended until the end of January 2021. As a result, there will be a direct impact on the collection and delivery of inbound and outbound mail.

South Africa Delays

South African Post Office Ltd. has advised that, due to a second wave of COVID-19, the lockdown has been adjusted to level 3 countrywide until January 15, 2021.

SAPO will continue to dispatch mail to countries if the relevant air carrier is operating. It will also continue to receive mail from countries that send mail to SAPO for delivery in South Africa.

However, it will not be possible to meet delivery standards for all mail classes.

As a result, force majeure remains in effect until January 15, 2021.

Germany Delays

Due to a high amount of parcels and Express Mail Service (EMS) sendings into Germany they are experiencing delays in delivery. Volumes are higher than they are able to process.

Italy - Suspended Service (Select Postal Codes)

Poste Italiane suspended delivery services in the below postal code areas, in order to minimise the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19):

  • Camastra (CAP 92020) - in the Caltanissetta area
  • Misilmeri (postcode 90036) en Ciminna (90023) - in the Palermo area
  • Vittoria (CAP 97019) en Acate (97011) - in the Ragusa area
  • Cesarò (98033), Bronte ( 95034), Maniace (95030) en San Teodoro (98030) - in the Catania area
  • Pallagorio (88818) - in the Cosenza area
  • Cotronei (88836), Isola Capo Rizzuto (88841) en Mileto (89852) - in the Catanzaro area
  • Bagnara Calabra (89011), Platì , Bruzzano Zeffiro (89030) en Cardeto (89060) - in the Reggio Calabria area

Postal code reopened: 97013

Thailand - Heavy Rain Causes Floods

Thailand Post informs us that heavy rain in southern Thailand is causing floods in many provinces. As of 4 December 2020, road blockages are causing delays in the transportation and delivery of mails (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items). The postcodes of the affected areas are as follows: 80xxx, 84xxx, 90xxx, 92xxx, 93xxx, 95xxx and 96xxx.

Expected delay: 4 - 7 days

Hong Kong - New Covid Restrictions

Hong Kong Post informs us that new restrictions have come in place in order to prevent further outbreak of Covid-19. This will result in delays in delivery for all types of mail.

Expected delay: 4 - 7 days

Malta and Luxembourg - Delays


In order to minimize the impact of Covid-19 Malta Post is forced to adjust their operations in order to secure the health and safety of their employees. They informed us this will result in delays in delivery and will last till further notice. Due to general transport capacity scarcity regarding this destination, we expect an additional delay.

Expected delay: 7 - 14 days


In order to minimize the impact of Covid-19 Luxembourg Post is forced to adjust their operations in order to secure the health and safety of their employees. They informed us this will result in delays in delivery and will last till further notice.

Expected delay: 4 - 7 days

Barcelona, Spain - Embargoed Postcodes

Please see the below embargoed postcodes in Spain – Barcelona area, part of a Spanish government directive. These areas have been closed off as this is a main impact area for Coronavirus.

At this stage APC hasn't pulled the data on items being sent into this area via Seur & Correos but will keep you informed. For parcels received for these postcodes, these will be returned to the originator.

8672, 8695, 8698, 8699, 8700, 8710, 8711, 8712, 8718, 8719, 8773, 8779, 8781, 8782, 8783, 8784, 8785, 8786, 8787, 8788, 8789, 8791

Brazil Customs Requirement

We have been informed that effective January 1, 2020, Brazil Customs will require the importer's Tax Identification Number** to be provided for all items containing goods sent to recipients in Brazil.

Customs is stating that it will not accept shipments not containing this number and that items missing this information is subject to return.

Please note, APC will continue to ship all packages destined to Brazil normally, with or without the recipient Tax ID number included but recommends that you begin gathering the required information from your Brazilian recipients to minimize any potential returns due to the Tax ID number not being included on the address label.

Please contact your APC sales representative if you have questions.


** In Brazil, the importer's Tax ID Number is known as CPF (format: 000.000.000-00) for natural persons and CNPJ (format: 00.000.000/0000-00) for legal persons

Secretary of Transportation Orders Suspension of Air Service Between the U.S. and Venezuela

With the approval of the Secretary of State and in close coordination with the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao has issued an order today suspending air service between the United States and Venezuela.

Federal law authorizes the Secretary of Transportation, with the approval of the Secretary of State, to take immediate action to suspend the rights of foreign and U.S. air carriers to provide service between the U.S. and foreign airports when conditions exist at those airports that threaten the safety or security of passengers, aircraft, or crew.

The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has requested this action based on his assessment of current security conditions in Venezuela, and the Secretary of State has given his approval. Secretary Chao has agreed to the request and is exercising her statutory authority to suspend air service to Venezuela.

The Secretary's suspension order is in addition to the FAA's Notice to Airmen issued on May 1, which prohibits most U.S.-certified aircraft operators and pilots from flying below 26,000 feet over the territory of Venezuela, also for reasons of safety and security.

Through APC, as of today (but subject to change), you can continue using the following services to send parcels into Venezuela during this suspension period.

• parcelconnect Priority DDU

• parcelConnect Priority DDU Delcon

• parcelConnect USPS PQW

• parcelConnect ePMI DDU

• parcelConnect ePMEI DDU

The following APC services to Venezuela will be unavailable during this suspension period.

• All Courier services

• parcelConnect Expedited DDU

• parcelConnect Expedited DDP

• parcelConnect Priority DDP Delcon

• parcelConnect Priority DDP

Embargoed Countries

Due to international embargoes all volumes to the following destinations will cease with effect 30th July 2019:
• Iran
• North Korea
• Syria
• Sudan
• Somalia
• Ukraine (Crimea and Sevastopol only - remaining country can be dispatched)


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