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About Shipium

Shipium helps businesses deliver their shipments fast, free, and on-time with the first end-to-end enterprise shipping platform for modern operators.

Founded by the same leaders who built Amazon’s shipping technology, the platform coordinates previously disconnected steps of the supply chain to help improve delivery speed and accuracy, while reducing shipping costs 12% on average.

Retailers turn to Shipium when they want to make a promise they can keep with accurate delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with modern shipping software. Learn more at

Key Features

  • Pre-integrated Carrier Network — Customers can turn on carriers, like APC, in a single afternoon.
  • Dynamic Time-in-Transit Values — The industry’s only AI/ML based TnT model that predicts shipment cost, speed, and accuracy better than any other solution.
  • Intelligent Downgrades — Use our dynamic time-in-transit model paired with over 100+ shipping ops features to select the best carrier for each shipment, resulting in cutting costs an average of 12%.
  • Customer-Facing Delivery Promises — Pull forward your optimized network to provide accurate EDDs to customers on your website.
  • Simulation — Utilize the same platform technology powering your operations to also run simulations on future scenarios, such as adding a new carrier like APC to your mix, or adding a new warehouse to your network.